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Pulsar Digital Forward DN55 Night Vision Scope

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Forward DN and other daylight devices

The night vision module out of the Forward DN kit can be used both with a monocular in the kit and many other optical devices (monoculars) with lens diameters 42, 50 and 56 mm or similar.
To install the night vision module onto the front optical bell of a day light scopes, specially designed mounting assemblies (bought separately) are used. The assemblies are the adapters with various diameters with a set of reducing rings (the rings can be used as necessary depending on the diameter of the optical bell).


Wide operating temperature range

Ability to operate in normal mode at sub-zero temperatures is due to the use of a frost-resistant OLED display featuring fast response and provides crisp image when observing dynamic object.


Variable magnification

Coupled with a day light scope, the attachment provides a tool for night observation, ensuring variable magnification, as well as highest possible magnification.


(Forward DFA-DN) Invisible laser IR illuminator

Invisible laser IR illuminator

The Forward is outfitted with built-in IR Laser Illuminator featuring three-step power adjustment. Complying with Class 1 laser safety, the laser IR Illuminator operates in the covert IR range (915 nm), invisible to the unaided human eye.


(Forward DFA-DN) Image set-up options

Image set-up options

Fast set-up options – Contrast and SumLight™ allow for rapid contrast gain and activation of CCD sensitivity enhancement. Also, there are modes for fine brightness and contrast tuning.


(Forward DFA-DN) User friendly interface

User friendly interface

Running status of unit's operation is displayed in the form of alphabetic and numeral characters and color icons. Graphics are permanently visible on a dedicated panel at the bottom of the display without overlapping the image observed.


(Forward DFA-DN) Wireless remote control

Wireless remote control

The wireless remote control allows you to turn/off the attachment, the built-in IR Illuminator and enhanced sensitivity function (SumLight™) without using the main controls.


(Forward DFA-DN) External power supply

External power supply

Operating time can be significantly extended by using high-capacity external power supply units attached to the Forward via an external power jack. During continued use in freezing weather, the external power supply units can be stored under the clothes.


(Forward DFA-DN) Video Out

Video Out

The Forward is equipped with a Video Out jack enabling real time video recording with the use of external recording equipment.

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