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Trijicon Snipe-IR Thermal Clip-On Sight 640x480

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The Trijicon® SNIPE-IR™ is designed to become one with your optical day sight, both on the battlefield and on the hunting field. The thermal scope's NO-SHOT ZERO feature makes it simple to verify boresight when attached.


The IR Defense SNIPE-IR 640x480 thermal Clip-On sight is built on the chassis of the proven REAP-IR mini thermal sight. The system provides the user with pass through thermal capabilities to their existing magnified day optic. With new advanced features such as HYBRID mode and NO SHOT ZERO the SNIPE-IR will deliver on both performance and ease of use. The 640x480 12um Micron VOx sensor combined with the OLED emagin micro display allows superior viewing through most conditions including smoke, dust and complete darkness.

Designed and optimized to work with the 4x32 ACOG the SNIPE-IR performs great with 3x and 4x day optics as well as a large range of variable rifle sights. The all new NO SHOT ZERO feature makes it very easy for the user to verify that the SNIPE-IR has boresight when attached for the first time. Our new HYBRID mode will allow full frame imaging to deliver the best image quality for better accuracy and identification when targeting. Available with a mini D-LOC mount or for the tactical users, the Wilcox flip to side mount. 


  • 640x480 Thermal Sensor
  • Thumb Stick Control
  • D-LOC Mount
  • 12 Degree Horizontal FOV
  • Mil. Spec Construction
  • Dedicated Mode
  • Polarity and Zoom Modes
  • 12 MICRON Technology
  • 100% Made in the USA

Snipe-IR Advantages

  • Clip-on/Clip off
  • 60 hz Super Fast Image
  • Superior Collimating Optic
  • No Shot Zero sight in 
  • Small package
  • New Hybrid mode

Download the SNIPE-IR's Product Specification Sheet Here

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