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Trijicon IR Hunter Mark III Thermal Weapon Sight

  • $7,499.00
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Meet the advanced thermal hunting scope that's built for one purpose: a successful hunt every time. More than 25 years of night vision system design has led us to the user-friendly ergonomics and advanced infrared technology of the Trijicon® IR-HUNTER® thermal weapon series. All you have to think about is sight alignment and trigger squeeze. Choose your perfect magnification and field of view from the IR-HUNTER® MK2 and IR-HUNTER® MK3 products.

The IR HUNTER™ MK Ill takes all the features and performance of the Mark II and adds a long range 7° degree field-of-view lens with a stadiametric range finder. The 4.Sx magnification combined with the 640x480 resolution 12um micron LWIR thermal core delivers the perfect combination for a 24/7 weapon sighting platform. One of the benefits of the 12um micron technology is that is delivers 50% more magnification from the same lens used on a 17um micron thermal core, this means our 60mm thermal lens offers the same magnification and FOV of a 90mm lens. We also have 60hz fast frame rate in every MK Ill system at no addition cost to you. The fast frame rate will be very useful for leading a shot of a fast moving target.

The MARK Ill brings several new features such as multiple reticle save locations so you can mount the sight on different weapons and keep your reticle position. It has a new digital read-out on the reticle adjustment screen giving you information on exactly how many clicks you have adjusted the system. We also have added two new reticle patterns so you can find the best fit for your application. And to finish off the MARK Ill we have added a flip-up lens cap, dual lever LT100 LaRue mount, battery extender and a video/download cable to every MKIII thermal weapon sight.



  • 7 Degree Field of View (60mm Model)
  • Stadiametric Range Finder
  • Digital Position Read-Outs
  • Multiple Reticle Save Locations
  • 5 Reticle Patterns
  • Sharper Image Quality
  • Rifle Scope Ergonomics
  • Turret Knob Controls
  • 60hz Super Fast Image
  • Mil. Spec Construction 
  • Clip-On Capability
  • Polarity and Zoom Modes
  • 640x480 Thermal Sensor
  • 12 MICRON Technology
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • 3 Year Warranty

Download the IR Hunter Mark III Product Specification Sheet Here

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