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Pulsar Edge GS Super 1+ 2.7x50 Night Vision Binoculars

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Pulsar Edge GS Super 1+ 2.7x50 Night Vision Binoculars are a versatile, long-distance night vision device for long-range viewing. The unit's specially designed five-lens eyepiece and CF-Super Image Intensifier Tube offer users the best edge-to-edge resolution and a clear, distortion-free, geometrically precise image across the entire field of view. The Pulsar Edge GS Super 1+ 2.7x50 Night Vision Binoculars feature a sealed metal and plastic body that allows it resistance to fog, rain, and sand



The Edge Night Vision Binoculars are equipped with a built-in IR illuminator. The high-power device can be mounted on a head mount and used as goggles.



The Edge Night Vision Binoculars are easy in operation. The device and IR illuminator operate by pressing buttons (ON and IR respectively) located on the upper surface of the body. Additionally, the Edge binoculars are equipped with a gradual IR illuminator power adjustment function. The wheel-shaped power control is located next to the IR illuminator activation button. 



These binoculars are outfitted with a new five-lens eyepiece that minimizes distortion on the edges of the field of view and increases sharpness and contrast of the image. The soft rubber eyecup conceals light emission from the tube thus permitting a user to stay unnoticed.


BODYThe Edge's metal and plastic housing ensures extra durability and reliability. The Edge is also protected against water and dust, which increases long-lasting operation.





At the core of the Edge GS line is a unique combination of specifically designed R-Contact optics and the CF-Super Image Intensifier Tube, which provides the highest edge-to-edge resolution performance ever seen in a budget consumer night vision product.


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